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Stirricane™ MegaStorm

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This is it! The Stirricane MegaStorm.
Stirs 5 to 50 gallons of feed.
Mixes powders into solution, effortlessly.
Keep your feeds suspended.
If your drum has a low side-drain, vastly improves gravity feed due to elevation.

All controls are mounted on sidewall of base unit.
Controls allow infinite motor speed control from 0-100%

***Long-lasting, stainless mounting hardware, to protect against rust and corrosion. 

***Motor is ISO 9001 compliant, and will not overheat and is long-life. Made in Canada, it is a heavy-duty, sealed motor that can rip for minutes...or brew for days!

***The MegaStorm's mixing-magic is managed  by an advanced pulse-width modulation circuitry which allows for precise vortex control and accurate mix-management, and also prevents excessive heat or motor damage. Simply turn the Mojo-Knob higher or lower to increase the action.

***LED lighted On/Off switch, lets you know at a glance if the Megastorm is powered-on or not. Anti-bump roll-cage protects controls from accidental impact.

***A premium-quality  auto-switching, DC power-supply... provides smooth and safe low-voltage current to the Stirricane. This commercial-quality power-supply is a laptop/brick model, which does not cause crowding at the outlet like a wall-adapter.

***Mixes buckets of Margaritas/Daiquiris/Etc, for those Solstice festive gatherings! 

*** Designed, fabricated and crafted in the U.S.A.

Stirricane Megastorm base unit
Two, 2" mixsticks for jugs, bottles, and 5 gallon buckets.
3" MegaStick for bigger vessels.
Hospital-grade commercial power supply
2 year warranty on unit, 3 year warranty on power-supply

(Required/needed to construct drum-stand: Three additional  3.5 gallon poly-buckets with lids. NOT included.)
(This device not intended to rip/mix new or settled 55 gallon drums of heavy sediments. It is for stirring feeds.)

PRICE: $389+ship  

Please note: 
 Stirricanes are hand-crafted to order.
Please allow 2-3 week lead-time for your unit to ship. 
Thank you for your patience. 

Customer Reviews

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Mark Bartholomew
Life Changer!

Really well done with this! Thoroughly impressed with build and customer service. Easy to use and know the job is done right.