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The SweepStick

Bi-metrically charged, triple Nickel-plated, uber-powerful stirring sticks.
***Note: We only sell StirSticks to registered Stirricane owners.***

The Sweepstick will produce improved stirring results to the standard Ripstick, but due to it's longer length, it will do-so at slower RPM. This results in a smoother, quieter, user experience. 

Since the SweepStick turns slower to accomplish the same job as a Ripstick, it has some advantages.
 The SweepStick helps reduce splash when using a 5 gallon bucket with small liquid volume (1-2 gallons).  It is also optimal for more viscous liquids such as extracts, glazes, syrups, etc., which need to turn more slowly.

At the same time, the SweepStick will  move larger volumes 5-10 gallons (full bucket), with less agitation than the RipStick, resulting in a gentler, more sweeping vortex.