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Stirricane™ Original

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The  Stirricane Original

The Stirricane Original is our flagship model.
All controls are mounted on sidewall of base unit.
It allows infinite motor speed control from 0-100%

***Long-lasting, stainless mounting hardware, to protect against rust and corrosion. 

***Motor is ISO 9001 compliant, and will not overheat and is long-life. Made in Canada, it is a heavy-duty, sealed motor that can rip for minutes...or brew for days!

***The Stirricane's mixing-magic is managed  by an advanced pulse-width modulation circuitry which allows for precise vortex control and accurate mix-management, and also prevents excessive heat or motor damage. Simply turn the Mojo-Knob higher or lower to increase the action.

***LED lighted On/Off switch, lets you know at a glance if the Stirricane is powered-on or not. Anti-bump roll-cage protects controls from accidental impact.

***A premium-quality  Meanwell USA auto-switching, DC power-supply... provides smooth and safe low-voltage current to the Stirricane. This commercial-quality power-supply is a laptop/brick model, which does not cause crowding at the outlet like a wall-adapter.

***Mixes buckets of Margaritas/Daiquiris/Etc, for those Solstice festive gatherings! 

*** Designed, fabricated and crafted in the U.S.A.

The Stirricane™ is a sealed and water resistant unit.

Stirricane base-unit.
Premium-grade external power-supply.
2- 2"  MixSticks.
(3" mixstick available separately...seasonally)
1-year warranty on unit, 3-year warranty on power supply

PRICE: $299+ship  

Please note: 
 Stirricanes are hand-crafted and built to order.
Please allow up to 3-4 weeks lead-time for your unit to be built and shipped. 
Thank you for your patience. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Dustin Underwood

Works as described and love the hands free while I tend to other things. 5 stars from me

Michael Blubaugh
Absolute Beast and Beautiful in every way.

If I had to describe my new Stirricane in one word, Impressive. AMAZING. Life-Altering. First, the owner and sole producer(that Im aware of) of this machine, Bill, is about the coolest cat on the planet. If you need to call him, clear some time and do it! I had to give him a call about my order and what I thought was gonna be a quick "heres the deal" turned into a long and personal phone call. Could have listened to the guy for hours. A unique customer service experiance that left me feeling closer to this total stranger and knowing a TON about the machine I had purchased. Did I mention you should talk to this guy if you ever get the chance. Let him speak, youll be glad you did. Now for the Stirricane, wow! I mean I expected something that could stir, this thing tho, its a raging tornado that mixes and keeps mixed anything inside your container. The vortex goes clear to the bottom, mixing soo intense theres a void in the center that is basically dry. The magnet spins so fast it actually creates a vortex that you can feel the wind off of! This is no paid promo, i paid full purchase price and would gladly do it again! Its back and arm saving. Mixing and PHing becomes a simple task. Measure and pour, thats all you do. No spoon or stick. No worrying about rather your nutrients have solidified into some mass in the bottom that isnt available to your plants. This thing mixes and keeps it mixed! For aslong as you need it to. I used to rush to feed my plants, in fear my nutrients settling, now I get to take my time and worry about carring for my plants! It mixes the nutrients themselves in seconds, no more violent shaking for what seems like ever. Itll rip a quart or a 5 gal, doesnt matter. Id be shocked if this thing couldnt rip a bucket of joint compound, really. Its a value at current price tag and worth much more. The build quality is amazing. Ease of use is amazing. And functions like you couldnt ever imagine. You have to see it in person to understand how great this thing is. If youre on the fence, just leap over. Theres nothing to regret. Bill is going to leave you satisfied with his machine and if theres any problem, he will solve it, you can bet on it. Thus thing pays for itself with the time saved. It makes everything so beautifully simple but is such an absolute beast! Get it

Dylan Trimble
X14 Underground is a Proud owner of a Stirricane!

It’s amazing in every way, Bill was super helpful and we spoke on the phone for about an hour going over our specific needs. We can now mix a quart or 10 gallons effortlessly. It’s an amazing product that’s built to last with some of the best customer service we have ever received. I recommend buying one yesterday!

A garden essential

The Stirricane is an absolute essential in my garden. Even if I didn't use NFTG's full lineup. After using this I just cannot conceive of doing it any other way. I mix in 1 to 3 gallon batches sometimes adding 18 different things to the mix not to mention pH correction. Matter of fact pH adjustment overshoots are a thing of the past with the Stirricane. Just place the meter in the mix and slowly add until the correct pH. How cool is that??
Then there is the device itself. It's a marvel of elegant engineering, simple, reliable, and effective. The customer service, some of the best I have encountered.
So what are you waiting for?? Order one now, you will not regret it!!

Jason C.
Well worth it!!

Makes things so much easier, I would definitely recommend getting one. I got two! Put it in a bucket dolly and I can now roll around my feed barrel and every plant gets the same mixture!